About Company

About Company

IAP builds modern innovative spaces.

Conceived as a subsidiary company of Faram, IAP relies on a prolific and strong partnership with the best known manufacturer and the world’s undisputed leader of wall partition production.

The partnership leads to theimplementation of new initiatives and enhancing the functionality of new products which combine state-of-the-art techniques and the incomparable design of Faram products to create something new on the market.

The goal of this collaborative partnership is to merge the knowledge and skills of both companies to establish a new concept of demountable wall partition; distinguished by an increased versatility, reduced dimensions and an improved installation process.

This kind of “all in one” product is IAP’s flagship concept and it is also the missing piece in the world of partitions. Its design features all the aspects that make it a complete product: elegance, functionality, and suitability for all situations, excellent performance, almost complete transparency in the single and double glazed versions, versatile configurations, and flexibility of use.

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we provide architects and designers with all the information and options necessary to make decisions in creating spaces that reflect the client’s vision, ultimately finding our products the ideal solution to achieve that goal.