/minimal design

“Less is more.” The famous quote from the architect Mies van der Rohe perfectly summarizes the concept of simplicity and minimalism of the P600s. It is certain that designing and making a product that has a complex function is easier than simpli - fying it. Obtaining optimum results and performance from a minimum of equipment and resources is an accurate attitude of today’s dominant culture. P600s has been conceived with this philosophy in mind, to provide maximum performance in both acoustic insulation and in transparency. P600s is a demountable partition wall based on a rectangular extruded aluminum profile fixed to both the floor and ceiling. The aluminum profile has an internal glass clamping system which ensures that the glass is pressed against the acoustic seals. A snap on cover completes the track. The partition structure in aluminum extrusions consists of a main profile in which the glass panel, a clamping element and a snap on finishing cover are housed.


1/2″ single glass

1 3/4″

9/16″ (+/- 5/16″)

Standard single glass module, single glass with bottom U-Channel profile system, standard single glass with over-panel.

Single glass sliding door, framed single glass sliding doors, frame-less glass hinged door, framed single glass hinged door, solid door.