/beyond flexibility.

Innovating while respecting tradition is one of the secrets of longevity for a company and its products. IAP, thanks to its extensive experience in designing and producing partition walls, has produced P650, a new wall that originates from the well-established tradition of P600 but goes further, beyond experimentation. This system is designed to compensate for both floor and ceiling unevenness during the installation phase. The vertical flex - ibility of the system allows it to accommodate up to an inch of unevenness in any place, while guaranteeing the traditional features of transparency and brightness of single glazed partitions. This system perfectly adapts to any type of working environment: executive and open plan offices or meeting rooms. A patented transparent extruded polycarbonate joint, placed between glass panels, creates a sturdy and uninterrupted wall, guaranteeing maximum transparency. Two and three way junctions have the same polycarbonate connecting system. A coextruded rigid/soft PVC gasket guarantees optimum acoustic sealing along the whole wall perimeter. Hinged or sliding and solid or transparent doors complete the system.


1/2″ single glass


+/- 1″

Standard single glass, single glass with bottom U-Channel profile, framed single glass.

Frame-less sliding door, framed hinged doors, frame-less hinged door, solid door.