/acoustic performance.

The P700 demountable partition represents an evolution of the P600 system, both based on a load-bearing structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, structural glass panels and adhesive polycarbonate dry joints. What makes the P600 system different is the doubling up of the glass paneling, which enhances soundproofing and mechanical resistance. Transparency and versatility are unaltered, with the addition of a greater potential in terms of visual and acoustic privacy. The use of double glazing, in fact, makes it possible to attain higher levels of sound insulation and to use a variety of screening systems. Moreover, the P700 wall can be perfectly combined with other systems, such as the P600 or P500 partitions, re - sulting in an organic and harmonized ensemble to meet the widest range of needs. The design principles of the P700 wall make it possible to create large surfaces without any metallic uprights or other vertical elements which might partially obstruct the view.

Rolled Steel

3/8″ + 3/8″ double glazed

3 15/16″

+/- 3/8″

Double glazed module, double glazed with blinds, over-paneled double glazed module, solid module.

Sliding pocket door system, flush-mount  double glazed hinged door, frame-less single glass hinged door, framed hinged door, solid door.